Christian… Are you ready to fight?

Some people are temptations. They would take you off the path God wants you on. Our hearts have always loved the wrong people. Pray for strength to let them go. Its time to love from the spirit. To love in spirit. Our spirit eyes see better than our physical eyes. We need to connect to our spirit selves. To see in spirit, to hear in spirit. With the Holy Spirit as our guide, the blood of Christ our protection and with the power in the name of Jesus, we could be the most powerful generation of Christians. We could influence events and move things forward.

When we live in spirit more than in flesh, our words become power. Our thoughts begin to influence what goes on around us. When we preach the word of God we begin to connect in spirit and others become born again to the kingdom of our Father Jehovàh. 

Remember whatever happens in the physical is a manifestation of what is happening in the spirit. So seek to be stronger in the spirit. Don’t preach in the physical before you have preached in the spirit. How? 

Before going to Masvingo for an outreach, first reach and connect to Masvingo in spirit. More on how to do that in following posts. Remember God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”  (John 4:24, ESV)

We need to tap into that spiritual well that makes us grow.


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