Accommodate the kingdom of God

15 Give my greetings to the brothers and sisters at Laodicea, and to Nympha and the church in her house. Colossians  4 vs 15 NIV

As the apostle Paul concludes his letter to the church at Colosse, he makes a mention of a woman named Nympha in the last chapter. He says give my greetings to Nympha and the church in her house.

In the Bible, we have some silent heroes. People who were doing the work of God but really get no recognition beyond a mention. This woman Nympha earns the mention of the apostle because she had opened the doors of her house to the church. People were coming to her house to meet as a church. I find it interesting also how this woman’s name was mentioned. Had she been married, it would have been her husband’s name that Paul mentions. So this woman was probably a widow.

I want to ask us today, are we willing to accommodate the church of Christ in our lives? Are we willing to open our doors to the work of  Christ. Now here is the thing, before a house is opened, a heart has to be opened. Had Nympha’s heart not been touched the doors of her home would never have been opened.

I urge us today as the body of Christ to accommodate the work of God in our lives. Is it money that is needed to fix a leaking roof? Accommodate by contributing. Contribute your skills, your knowledge and your time to the work of God. Open the doors of your home for prayer groups to meet. Spend time cleaning the chairs or benches in church. Let your life be open to the growing of the kingdom of God.

Whatever God has blessed you with, it is sufficient for the work of His kingdom. So I want us to pray, and ask God to touch our hearts. Let us pray from the grace to accommodate the kingdom of God in our lives. Sometimes we fail to notice the need in the house of God. We fail to see lack. But let us pray for the grace, to have hearts that are willing to work for God.


Holy Spirit touch my heart. to be able to use all that i have for the glory of my Father. Help me to open my life to the expanding and glory of my Father’s kingdom. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Further reading:Matthew 8:20


Its unbelievable! But He did it.

You see, when I made the decision to be born again, to receive Christ as my Lord and Saviour I was a mess. I was running around trying to find a prophet who could foretell my future. I know, it makes no sense now that I think of it. But I was just in a very bad place and the solutions I was seeking could have only made things worse. I was battling some terrible addictions and was going nowhere in life.

It was at this time I suddenly felt an urge to be baptised in water. Now, I will be clear. I wasn’t born again. I had no relationship whatsoever what God and there I was feeling a burning urge to be baptised. 

So I began to read the Bible (had one an ex gave me) so I could know more about baptism because I could not contain the feeling. Now I could not read about the baptism in water without coning across the baptism by the Holy Spirit. I tell you it was one thing leading to another and before the week was over, I was receiving Jesus via a television program.

Only then did I look for a New Covenant church( thank you pastor Joseph Prince) and was then baptised in water. A few minutes after I came out of that baptism pool, I was filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in tongues. And all this happened within a week. Unbelievable?

But here is what I want to say. When the time comes, God comes for you. I was in a dark world of alcohol and drugs. Somewhere between a bottle of beer and a joint I felt the urge to be baptised. (It was a good thing there was no swimming pool nearby) Without my knowledge, the Holy Spirit was working to lead me to Christ.

And now here I am. So I want to ask you this. If God was working in my life before I was even born again, what about now? Now that I am a citizen of Heaven saved by God’s unmerited favour, I am not more than before? Think about it? 

God was there for us before we even knew Him. What more today when we can actively approach His throne. God is not against you or me. He is for us. Working for us, in us, through us. 

Working through an ex forgetting his Bible. Working in me through the Holy Spirit nudging me towards baptism. Working for me through a television program I watched 3 months after the actual service took place. Working in me through His Word.

God is in perfect control.

As He is, so are we!!!

“The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.” — Rom 8:16

​Today as we go about our day, let’s remember who we are. That we are now born of God and like Father, like Son. So whatever might be the trouble, take it to God. He is our Father and also the Creator of the Universe. So whatever is too big for you, will not be too big for Him. We have a Big God and we are very rich inside. All we need is to release that richness into everything we touch.

Wood has energy. Petrol has energy. But to release that energy you need to light it up. The same goes for us children of The Most High God. Prayer releases the energy inside of us. If I am going to tackle a project at work and I need God’s grace and favour upon it, all I have to do is pray upon it.

So, intercessors, take it to the Lord. Whatever is going on around you, take it to the Lord in prayer. His fire, through you, for you, inside you will be released all around you.

And remember, kamoto kamberevere kakapisa matanda mberi ( A small fire burned mighty forests). As you pray for one thing, the fire of God is being released in other areas of your life. Before you know it, everthing falls into place. 

Isn’t that just wonderful?

Absent but loved

Yesterday I was praying. As I was praying, the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for my husband. To plead the blood of Jesus upon his life. I felt a great outpouring of love towards said husband. How I loved that man. As I prayed for him I felt peace. I felt joy. I felt love. I felt things falling into place.

But you know what? I am not married. Am not even in a relationship. I do not even know who the said husband is. But the love I felt for that unknown man made me realise something. Love for a spouse is a gift from God. How else do I explain it? God gifted me with love for a man I am yet to meet. He gave me something to be passionate about. Something to look forward to.

Is that in any way familiar? Do you know anyone that loved someone before they were there? Anyone that loved people not yet there enough to give His Son as a sacrifice so they could be free? Yes! You are right. It is God. God showed the perfect love. He didn’t need you to be there to love you. And when He gifts His love to you, you will love people you haven’t met yet. You will pray for children you haven’t had yet. Why? To know His love is to exercise faith.

 You cannot love a spouse based on chemistry, faults and strengths. The chemistry fades. People are ever changing. So how do you love an ever changing spouse? You bring out the “big guns”. The word of God tells us that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. (Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8, ESV)). So if I want a consistent flow of love for my spouse, I have to look to God. There is no other way. God is not limited or controlled by time. So if He blesses with love for my spouse, that love is not limited by time. It is not changed by time. It becomes a constant flow of love from the Father, to me, to my spouse, to me and back to the Father.

Isn’t it beautiful? I think its deep. 

Declaration of Faith

I belong to God. All of me. My body belongs to the Holy Spirit. It is His temple. Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.  (1 Corinthians 3:16-17, ESV) This temple that is me shall not be defiled but kept pure and holy.

My soul belongs to Jesus Christ. He paid the price for it on the cross. I am no longer condemned There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  (Romans 8:1, ESV). I now belong to Heaven. When my body dies, my soul will go to Heaven where it belongs because Jesus bought it with His blood.

My spirit belongs to the Father. then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.  (Genesis 2:7, ESV). I live because of God’s breath. My spirit is the one that can enter into the holy of holies when I pray and connect to God.

I make this declaration in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour. 

  • I make this declaration whenever I feel my old life trying to resurface. Whenever Satan tries to make me feel I am not good enough for Christ, I reassert my position. That I am born again. That I am saved. I am a new creature. 

Christian… Are you ready to fight?

Some people are temptations. They would take you off the path God wants you on. Our hearts have always loved the wrong people. Pray for strength to let them go. Its time to love from the spirit. To love in spirit. Our spirit eyes see better than our physical eyes. We need to connect to our spirit selves. To see in spirit, to hear in spirit. With the Holy Spirit as our guide, the blood of Christ our protection and with the power in the name of Jesus, we could be the most powerful generation of Christians. We could influence events and move things forward.

When we live in spirit more than in flesh, our words become power. Our thoughts begin to influence what goes on around us. When we preach the word of God we begin to connect in spirit and others become born again to the kingdom of our Father Jehovàh. 

Remember whatever happens in the physical is a manifestation of what is happening in the spirit. So seek to be stronger in the spirit. Don’t preach in the physical before you have preached in the spirit. How? 

Before going to Masvingo for an outreach, first reach and connect to Masvingo in spirit. More on how to do that in following posts. Remember God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”  (John 4:24, ESV)

We need to tap into that spiritual well that makes us grow.